Boulder Language Technologies

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Boulder Language Technologies was founded by Ron Cole and Wayne Ward in February 2007.    BLT’s agenda is to conduct basic and applied research in areas of speech, language and character animation technologies, and incorporate these advances into computer programs that improve learning and access to information. 
BLT has been awarded grants from the National Science Foundation and the Institute for Education Research to improve science learning and achievement by elementary school children through natural spoken dialogs with a virtual tutor.   These projects aim to create and demonstrate the effectiveness of a new generation of intelligent tutoring systems that immerse students in multimodal and multimedia learning activities. The spoken dialogs and other learning activities are designed to make students think and reason about the things they see and do in classroom science investigations. 
Development of tutorial dialogs and integration of interactive media into dialogs benefits greatly from collaboration with Larry Malone, Linda De Lucchi (co-developers of the FOSS science program) and Kathy Long at the Lawrence Hall of Science at UC Berkeley, and Moddy McKeown at LRDC at the University of Pittsburgh and Samantha Messier, science curriculum coordinator at the Boulder Valley School District. 
About BLT
Ron Cole and Wayne Ward founded Boulder Language Technologies in February 2007 to conduct basic and applied research leading to a new generation of computer programs that enable people to interact with computers through completely natural spoken dialogs.  Ron and Wayne left the Center for Spoken Language Research (CSLR), which they co-founded in 1998, to work at BLT.  In 2007,  BLT was awarded two research grants, one from the Institute of Education Sciences of the Department of Education, and one from the National Science Foundation, to develop intelligent tutoring systems to improve science learning by elementary school children through spoken dialogs with a virtual tutor.   We are currently developing these tutoring programs in five areas of science taught in Boulder Valley schools.  

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